Time to Take a Trip

Clock Town - named Best Tourist Destination in Termina for the past five years running - is a treasure trove of quaint shops, rustic alleyways, exciting games, hidden treasures and culinary delights

"Come to Clock Town!

If you're looking for a venue for your next adventure or a shopping destination unlike any other or just somewhere you can fire off a few shots at a shooting gallery and drink milk all day*, Clock Town's the place for you!

Our friendly community will welcome you with open arms - or branches, in the case of the deku scrub that lives in South Clock Town. We'll make it our mission to ensure your stay is a pleasant and memorable one.

And if you're passing through East Clock Town, why not stop by and say "Hi"? My door's always open**.

See you at the Carnival!"

Mayor Dotour

*The Latte Milk Bar opens at 10pm

**Mayor Dotour's door is not always open. To request a visit, please contact his secretary.

~ Things to Do ~

Upon arriving at Clock Town, visitors will immediately find themselves overwhelmed by the rich selection of unique and exciting activities that await them. By the end of the third day, they’ll be wishing they could wind the clock back to the moment they first arrived.

Gaze at the Moon and the Stars

The Astral Observatory (accessible via the scenic Clock Town Sewer) is a peaceful oasis away from the hustle and bustle of Clock Town. If you're a good little boy or girl, Professor Shikashi will let you look through the telescope at the wonders of the universe. And if you're very lucky, you just might get to see the fabled Moon's Tear fall from the sky.

East Clock Town (outskirts)

24 hours


Master the Way of the Sword

Fear? What is fear? To the true hero, fear is nothing but a shadow in the moonlight; it is to be seen, but not acted upon. That is what you will learn at the Mighty Training Center in West Clock Town. Two courses are available: one for the novice (you'll learn the basics of sword combat) and one for the expert who wishes to test their skill. Go, and learn to cut down your demons once and for all - just don’t say anything about the master’s hair.

West Clock Town

24 hours

01 - Novice course

10 - Expert course

Get Loaded… On Milk!

As the social hub of Clock Town, the Latte Milk Bar's the place to be when the sun goes down. There’s music, there's entertainment - the venue’s played host to some of Termina’s greatest musicians and performers - and there's milk.

Regular milk tastes just fine and replenishes your energy after a long day. For the price of a glass of Chateau Romani you could buy a dozen cows, a barn and an automatic arrow defense system to keep the bovine creatures safe from any would-be invaders, but the milk just wouldn’t taste the same. Produced at the world-renowned Romani Ranch, each sip of Chateau Romani is like an entire Carnival of Time just took place in your mouth. You’ll be left feeling full of magic for days on end.

The only snag is that the Milk Bar’s a members only club. But those with an adventurous disposition are sure to find some way to gain membership.

East Clock Town


Members Only

20 - Regular Milk

200 - Chateau Romani

"You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?

Why not visit with us and ease your woes?"

Watch Time Go By

The giant timepiece from which Clock Town takes its name can be seen and heard from all over Termina. The clock itself is a Termina Clock - a device that's unique to the realm. It's powered by a water wheel stationed in a subterranean level beneath the tower.

Apart from telling the town residents the time of day, the Clock Tower also serves as a beacon at night (a spotlight shines from its roof), shepherding weary travellers towards the safety of its walls. But its main function is as a centerpiece at the Carnival of Time.

South Clock Town

24 Hours


Join the Bombers

The Bombers Secret Society of Justice (AKA The Bombers), is an elite team of highly-skilled and talented individuals dedicated to making other people's lives better. Operating out of a top-secret hideout (in East Clock Town), the group actively seeks out people in need of assistance and makes promises to help them with their problems. Former members include some of the town’s older residents. As it says in the Bomber’s notebook (yours for free, provided you pass the entrance test): “Whenever you solve someone's problem, it makes you happy”.

Please note: Owing to a recent change of policy, the Bombers are, at present, only admitting human members.

East Clock Town

24 Hours


Listen to a Bedtime Story

Oh, Tortus. Are you all worn out from running all over Clock Town? Then sit down by the fire and listen to a story told by Anju's Grandmother, an elderly resident at the Stock Pot Inn. This kindly old lady, who used to be a schoolteacher, will tell you all about the history of Termina, including the Carnival of Time and the Four Giants. But beware, her stories are VERY LONG, and if you’re not used to pulling an all-nighter, you might just find yourself drifting off mid-sentence and waking up the following morning.

East Clock Town

8am-8:30pm (Visitors)

24 Hours (Residents)


~ Shopping ~

West Clock Town is lined with enthralling boutique shops stocking the latest exclusive goods that aren’t available anywhere else in Termina. Make sure to bring a fairy, because if you come to Clock Town, you’ll shop till you drop!

Blow Your Rupees

If you like a little bang for your buck (or rupee, rather), the Bomb Shop will blow your wallet wide open. Here, you’ll find all manner of explosive expenditure from bombs to bombchu to bomb bags. (Between you and me, they’ve just placed an order for big bomb bags. They’re not in stock yet, but should be by the time you arrive.) Any Goron clientele will be pleased to know there’s a friendly merchant who sells Powder Kegs at an exclusive discount to Snowhead prices (Medigoron’s certificate required upon purchase). With all this quality merchandise available at low, low prices, it’s no wonder the Bomb Shop’s the official fireworks supplier for the Carnival of TIme.

West Clock Town

24 Hours

30 - Bombs (10)

40 - Bombchu (10)

50 - Bomb Bag (holds 20)

50 - Powder Keg

90 - Big Bomb Bag (holds 30)

Stock Up On Stuff

Desperate for deku nuts? Aching for arrows? Feverish for a fairy? Replenish your stock at the Trading Post. There’s plenty to buy here including a Hero’s Shield - an item that’s hard to come by but frequently required by those who've had an unwanted encounter with a Like Like). The shop’s open for 23 hours a day. The owner closes for an hour at 9pm then a part-timer takes over till dawn. In the corner, there’s a scarecrow called Pierre. This straw man likes to boogie (you bring the music). He’ll not only show you how to have a good time, but how to have time be good for you!

West Clock Town


10 - Deku Stick

30 - Arrows (30)

30 - Deku Nuts (10)

30 - Green Potion

30 - Red Potion

40 - Arrows (50)

50 - Fairy

80 - Hero’s Shield

Satisfy Your Curiosity

Bird stole your bottle? Things that get stolen in this town always make their way to the Curiosity Shop. You can buy them back (for a price), and you can even sell items too. Gold Dust, Big Poes and Chateau Romani go for 200 rupees. More or less anything else you can put in a bottle will earn between 5-50 rupees, depending on its market value. The shop’s owner's a somewhat shady-looking character (I kid you not) who, some say, bears a resemblance to the owner of the Trading Post (but with more sunglasses and less hair).

Please note: Owing to past indiscretions, customers are kindly requested not to wear mask in the store.

West Clock Town


Special Offer

Spend 150 rupees in West Clock Town and get 50% off a boat cruise at the Swamp Tourist Center*!

The cruise will take you around the Southern Swamp in Woodfall - one of the jewels of Termina. There’s a stop-off at the Deku Palace where you can take photos of the residence (and court) of the Deku monarchy (only deku scrubs are allowed inside).

* Includes free entry into the Pictograph Contest.

Please note: As the swamp area is currently highly toxic, bathing is not recommended.

"A seller of stolen goods is just a middleman who's trying to provide his customers with good product. I'm a charitable organization that helps people in need!"

~ Fun & Games ~

In East Clock Town you’ll find the entertainment district. There’s a sheer abundance of fun, innovative games here, all of which will test the skills of even the most hardened player. The prizes aren’t bad either. Just remember to save some rupees for food!

Rake In the Rupees

Would you like the chance to buy your dreams for 10 Rupees? At the Lottery Shop, you can! Get your ticket from the mysterious, unseen attendant (are they wearing a mask?) in the day and come back at night to find out if you’ve won. Winning tickets can be exchanged for 50 rupees. If only it were possible to go back in time and pick the winning numbers!

The Lottery Shop is a member of the Termina Leisure and Gambling Federation. Please gamble responsibly.

West Clock Town

6am-5:59pm (Sales)

6pm-11pm (Collections)

10 per ticket

50 rupees

Deku Dash (for Prizes!)

The Deku Scrub Playground doesn’t go out of its way to advertise its existence. Tucked away in a small hole in the corner of North Clock Town, you’d be forgiven for expecting to find a dark, dingy basement staffed by a few dodgy deku scrubs instead of the marvelous, stunning underground hall with walls covered by a beautiful, authentic Art Deku fresco. It’s more palace than playground.

The games are run by two brothers. The objective is to fly between a series of moving platforms (using deku flowers to launch yourself into the air) and collect all the rupees before the time runs out. You lose if you touch the ground.

Winners get a purple rupees. Win three days in a row (the game’s slightly different each day) and you’ll receive a healthy prize. However, you’ll also be banned from playing again.

Editor’s Tip: Aim for where the platforms are going to be, not where they are!

North Clock Town


Deku scrubs only

No pros allowed


Piece of Heart

Games of Love

If you’re the kind of person who feels revulsion towards public displays of affection then you’d be wise to keep out of Honey and Darling’s Shop.

The young couple who run the place offer three different games: bombchu bowling, bomb basketball and target practice. (Which game‘s available depends on what day you turn up at the shop.)

Each game tests a different skill, but the aim is the same: destroy all the targets within the time limit (it ends when the couple stop dancing) and the prize is yours. Fall off the main platform onto the floor and its game over.

You’ll need a bomb bag to play the bomb games and a bow and arrow to play target practice (although deku scrubs can play using bubbles).

Are you truly happy? You will be if you win three days in a row. Then you’ll be asked to leave.

Editor’s Tip: Be careful not to hit Honey and Darling. Not only will they get hurt, but the timer will also temporarily stop.

East Clock Town



50 rupees

Piece of Heart

Treasure Your Time

Can there be anyone who doesn’t just love opening treasure chests? The nail-biting suspense, the thrill of surprise, the triumph of holding the prize high in the air for all of Termina to see (even if no one’s around). For just a few rupees you can enjoy that sensation time and time again at the Treasure Chest Shop.

The cheery gal behind the counter will take your money - the price and the prize vary depending on whether you’re a human, deku scrub, zora or goron - then direct you towards a large hall with a black and white checkered floor and a treasure chest at the far end. Open it before the time runs out, and the contents are yours. Sounds simple? There’s a little more to it than that…

Editor’s Tip: The gal behind the counter likes handsome men with strong arms. If you’re her type, you’re sure to find the treasure chest loaded with love.

East Clock Town




~ Amenities ~

Clock Town might be small compared to most towns, but within its walls are all the basic services you’d expect to find in any established settlement.

Passionate About Post

Who’s the most organised and disciplined person you know? If you lived in Clock Town, chances are it would be the Postman. You only have to look at the enormous schedule on the wall of the Post Office to see just how dedicated this man is to his job (he probably wouldn’t stop delivering letters even if the moon was falling!).

The postman collects the mail in the morning and delivers it in the afternoon. Afterwards, he engages in some ‘mental training’. He’ll let you try too, but you’ll need reflexes of a rabbit to match his efforts.

West Clock Town


Lock, Stock and Have a Pleasant Stay

The Stock Pot Inn was once a cafeteria, but has since been refitted into a first-class hotel worthy of being a temporary place of residence for any traveller. There are two rooms; both are delightful, but, if you’re not put off by the slightly sinister name, stay in the ‘Knife Chamber’. On the first floor, there’s a beautiful veranda where you can gaze out over East Clock Town and watch the world go by.

The inn’s owned and operated by Anju, a pleasant, charming woman, and her mother. One piece of advice: if you need to go to the toilet after midnight, do you best to hold it until the morning!

Please note: If you intend to stay during the Carnival of Time, be sure to book well in advance.

East Clock Town


Banking Around the Clock

What’s this? You’re going on a trip and you want somewhere to store your rupees while you’re away? Look no further than the Clock Town Bank. The Banker might be a little peculiar and the deposit/withdrawal system slightly unusual (there’s no chip and PIN - instead, the Banker stamps your hand with invisible ink to mark your name and account balance), but rest assured, your money will be safe, secure and readily available at any point in time (although there's a four rupee charge for making a withdrawal between 12am-6am). There are even prizes for making regular deposits (200 rupees gets you an Adult Wallet).

Please note: depending on the date of your arrival, you may find the Clock Town Bank in either South Clock Town or West Clock Town. (The original location is West Clock Town.)

West Clock Town/South Clock Town

24 Hours

"We're just a small inn with only two rooms, but we'll do our best to make your stay a happy one."

Come to the Carnival

The Carnival of Time is an annual celebration that commemorates the harmony of time and nature. It allows the people of Termina to pay homage to the gods and to request a fruitful harvest for the coming year.

At midnight on the eve of the carnival, the face of the Clock Tower falls open and becomes a platform where festival-goers - after ascending a staircase from the Festival Tower (a temporary structure built for the event) - can say their prayers and sing ancient songs.

During the event, everyone wears a mask. In the past, it was traditional for the masks to bear the image of one of the Four Giants who protect the land. But these days, the only requisite is that the mask is hand-made.

After the ceremony comes the party. Everyone heads down to the Milk Bar where Termina’s best musicians and performers put on a show worthy of time itself.

The Carnival usually bears witness to at least one marriage owing to an old legend that states: "If a couple united on the day of the festival and dedicated a mask as a sign of their union, it would bring luck”.

Milk Bar Line-Up

This year’s entertainments will be provided by The Indigo-Go’s (the Zora band that revived the deep-sea sound) and The Gorman Troupe.

Sponsored by Romani Ranch